What about the next MediaCamp?

By Kerry Powell

Mack asked for suggestions for the next MediaCamp. Here’s what you said:

  • More content about doing journalism with video and audio
  • More on curating content
  • Expand word of mediacamp beyond the tech and journo field, says someone from the training industry
  • More success stories and case studies
  • More on what’s happening with Facebook and how to use it.
  • Tell us what’s new and what’s next, says Graham Hicks.
  • Stay with the conference format versus the unconference format, or I won’t come, says resident smartass Adam Rozenhart.
  • Bring in great speakers regardless of their profile.
  • Have a social element, ie. boozing.
  • Make it paid, not free. But not much higher than this time, which was $40.
  • Weekend not weekday.
  • Get more students involved.
  • Entice people from yyc to come, since there maybe isn’t something like this there.
  • Have a session on blogging platforms.
  • Do a session on getting audiences to engage with your content, esp. on smaller sites.
  • Have panels / Don’t have panels
  • Yeglive.ca asked for feedback on the registration process. Rick Harp says it would have been neat to see who was coming in advance.
  • Would be good to see bigwigs from big media here. So, @KarenUnland says, Tell your boss what’s in it for them.
  • JasDarrah would like more about making money, making a business.

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